Beautiful crochet top handmade with love.


Shipping time frame: 2 Weeks

  • Ties around the neck.
  • Beautiful rainbow yarn with metallic sparkles.
  • Also comes with adjustable back strings.
  • Lightweight, soft & comfy!
  • Size options: Below you are able to choose your unique cup size, then bust size. Bust size would be the the number of your bra size.. for instance I am a 34 B, I would pick cup size B and Bust size 34, you can also pick the size pants you wear, I do have a size chart on the menu drop down if you need a reference!


If you need a smaller or larger size, or have any additional requests or concerns please put all information in the text box above. You can always E-mail us at

Disco Fusion Halter

Cup Size

Machine wash cold on delicate cycle, or hand wash, and air dry.